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The “Schuetzen” receive less public money


Luis Durnwalder, president of the region of South Tyrol, decided to reduce the money usually allotted to the South Tyrolean “Schuetzen”. From now onwards, they will receive just 85 millions euros; till now, they received 180 millions euros.

The president of the Bolzano province, Luis Durnwalder, explains that the reduction of the money traditionally allotted to the South Tyrolean “Schuetzen” is due to the present-day crisis; moreover, the “Schuetzen” are behaving more and more like a political party. Durnwalder underlines the importance of the “Schuetzen”, as they represent an important part of the South Tyrolean tradition and culture, but at the same time he precises that it’s not legal to finance them, as they aren’t a political party strictu sensu.
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