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Meeting Durnwalder and Napolitano


Today, Tuesday June 5th, 2012, Mr Luis Durnwalder and the Italian president Giorgio Napolitano will meet today. The last meeting between them took place three years ago to feast the proclamation of the Dolomites as an UNESCO “World Cultural Heritage site”.

“I would like to talk to Mr. Napolitano politely” states Mr. Durnwalder. The president of the Bolzano province usually gets on well with Mr. Napolitano, as the Italian president also helped the “Schuetzen”. Mr. Durnwalder would like to present him the present-day situation in South Tyrol, underlining the sometimes difficult relationships between Bolzano and Rome. Mr. Durnwalder will also talk about the South Tyrolean activists. Mr. Giorgio Napolitano has always pursued an “equilibrium” policy and Mr. Dunwalder would like to invite him to visit South Tyrol. During his last visit to South Tyrol, Mr. Napolitano was very satisfied with the high level of autonomy and the good regional administration; he visited the former Bolzano lager, located in Via Resia and the Brenner tunnel building site.
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