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Spend an alpine hiking holiday in Val Venosta

The holiday region of Val Venosta in South Tyrol is an alpine valley that is particularly famous for its impressive mountain scenery: the Ortles massive, the Sesvenna group, the Cevedale and Alpi Venoste with their snow-covered mountain tops invite you to unforgettable adventures during your hiking holiday in Val Venosta. It is especially its low precipitation level that turns Val Venosta into a perfect hiking region, offering a wide array of hiking routes in high alpine landscapes, accessible both in the summer and the winter. Enjoy magnificent views from mountain tops at an altitude of 3,000 or even 4,000m and experience the fascination of hiking in the Alps! Mountaineers will have their fill when climbing Ortles Mountain, Gran Zebrù, Cevedale, Palla Bianca or Monte Orecchia di Lepre, Zerminiger, and Cima Vermoi. But a hiking holiday in Val Venosta is also the right choice if you are not a professional mountaineer - just take advantage of the wide array of promising mountain paths or leisurely hiking trails through mountain pastures and meadows. Whatever activities you choose to participate in, you will most definitely enjoy your family holiday in South Tyrol!

Hiking in Val Venosta: mountains, nature, sun

If you intend to spend your holiday between Merano and Passo Resia, you should take advantage of the perfect climate and scenery and set out for one of the many hiking tours in Val Venosta. Surrounded by the ever changing landscape of this alpine valley, you can enjoy interesting walks along the bottom of the valley, for example along the typical Waalwege paths. The so-called Waals are irrigation channels which were dug out in ancient times in order to water the fields of the dry region of Val Venosta. Today, many such paths have lost their initial function, but the scenic trails through woods, groves and orchards are still a popular destination for hiking tours in Val Venosta. Another prominent destination is the Stelvio National Park, a natural paradise where you can experience the peaceful coexistence of unspoiled and agriculturally used areas. In the numerous popular visitors' centres you will gain insights into the life of human beings and animals in the National Park during your family holiday in Val Venosta.

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