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The sun-blessed Val Venosta is the perfect destination for your stress-free holiday between blue glaciers, lush green meadows and orchards. You will most definitely spend entertaining holidays in South Tyrol all year round.

Val Venosta

Val Venosta is the driest valley of South Tyrol with the least amount of precipitation, thus offering a unique climate with an amount of sunny days well above the average. In the summer, you should spend a farm holiday in Val Venosta and enjoy the routes of your hiking tours in South Tyrol, such as the typical scenic and beautiful paths along the irrigation channels of Val Venosta, the so-called Waalwege. And while apricots, apples and strawberries ripen in the valley, the mountain tops of the glaciers of Val Senales and the Ortles group are snow-covered even in the summer. The Ortles resort with its slopes of the Ortler Ski Arena, situated 3,000m above sea level is not only a popular destination for skiing in South Tyrol but is also said to be the mother of alpinism in South Tyrol. After all, the extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner once moved to Val Venosta and now lives in this beautiful valley. Take advantage of your active holiday in South Tyrol and visit Reinhold Messner's Juval Castle near Naturno at the entry of Val Senales.

Nature and culture during your sports holiday in South Tyrol

You will certainly spend an enjoyable and adventurous holiday in Val Venosta, where a whole feast of sportive activities awaits you. A network of 150km of cycling paths along the River Adige, starting at Passo Resia, as well as the cycling trails running through the nature parks of Gruppo di Tessa and Stelvio invite you to diverse and exciting cycling tours and mountain biking in South Tyrol. Another sociable sport you can practice in Val Venosta is Nordic Walking in South Tyrol, for example in the Nordic Walking Park at Passo Resia, a real insider's tip, or in the Nordic Walking paradise of Laces-Martello. Your sports holiday in South Tyrol indeed offers a wide range of leisure activities but apart from that, the transit region of Val Venosta also has a very rich tradition and history which you should set out to explore. The medieval village of Glorenza and Coira Castle, with its armoury, the largest private collection of its kind in Europe, are definitely worthwhile during your holiday in South Tyrol. Your holiday in Val Venosta will be a truly entertaining and exciting experience...

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