Val Senales

Spend an unforgettable holiday in the Val Senales (Schnalstal), one of the most beautiful high Alpine valleys in South Tyrol.

Holiday in the Val Senales (Schnalstal) - South Tyrol

Spend an unforgettable holiday in Val Senales, one of the most beautiful South Tyrolean high alpine valleys. 10km from the Merano health resort, this 24km long high alpine valley is located in the south of the Alps and covers the villages of Santa Caterina, Certosa, Madonna, Vernago and Maso Corto. Val Senales is a veritable haven for hiking enthusiasts - enjoy entertaining hiking tours in South Tyrol amidst ancient homesteads, idyllic churches, lush green alpine meadows, green mountain ponds and the glistening glaciers of the Alpi Venoste. Val Senales offers a wide array of rambling possibilities and numerous places that are well worth a visit: a unique nature park, the ArcheoParc, the place where Ötzi, the famous glacier mummy was found, not to forget the impressive mountain scenery, diverse sports and leisure offers and a ski resort where you can ski all year round. This is exactly what an unforgettable holiday in South Tyrol should be like! Enjoy a stress-free and relaxing hiking holiday in South Tyrol and relish the South Tyrolean cordiality and hospitality of the excellent hotels in Val Senales and the comfortably furnished bed and breakfasts in Val Senales.

Mountain climbing and hiking in South Tyrol in Val Senales - a true hikers' paradise!

Welcome to a holiday region that offers infinite hiking possibilities! During your holiday in Val Senales, the choice is yours: choose from a wide array of wonderful destinations and enjoy hiking in South Tyrol to the full. We invite you to experience unforgettable hours in the South Tyrolean mountains during your hiking holiday in Val Senales: leisurely hikes through the unique Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park with mountain flowers in full bloom and numerous chamois and marmots, relaxing walks through wide larch forests, past emerald-green mountain ponds and lush green mountain pastures, surrounded by the impressive mountain scenery of the Gruppo di Tessa and the Alpi Venoste or high alpine mountain and glacier tours. We invite you to explore the incomparable Val di Fosse with its diverse flora and fauna while hiking in Val Senales. Moreover, you mustn't miss out on hiking to the turquoise reservoir of Vernago, located 1,680m above sea level. We also invite you to visit the place where Ötzi, the glacier mummy, was found, which you will reach from Vernago and Val di Tisa. During your holiday in Val Senales you can also walk along special archaeological hiking trails while exploring the world of the Iceman. Enjoy an exciting hiking holiday in South Tyrol and relish peace and quiet in one of the cosy holiday homes in Val Senales.

Culture and adventure during your holiday in Val Senales

Val Senales does not only offer a wide array of hiking possibilities, but also a whole feast of cultural and sportive attractions for your active holiday in South Tyrol. During your family holiday in Val Senales in South Tyrol you shouldn't miss out on visiting the ArcheoParc in Madonna di Senales, the first archaeological hands-on museum with its own outdoor facilities. Here on site you will gain an interesting insight into the habitat, culture and life of Ötzi, 5,300 years ago. Other destinations for your cultural holiday in South Tyrol are the mighty Castle Juval at the entrance of Val Senales, the ruins of the monastery of Certosa and the popular pilgrimage church of Madonna di Senales. The wide array of sportive offers during your holiday in Val Senales offers something to suit everyone: forest trails for exciting mountain bike tours in the Alps, the perfect conditions for great Nordic Walking in South Tyrol, jaunts in the saddle amidst unspoiled nature, tennis, swimming, rafting and adventurous rock climbing. The choice is yours, so make the most of the endless possibilities during your individual active holiday in Val Senales. Moreover, the excellent wellness hotels in Val Senales offer extensive wellbeing programmes for your wellness holiday in South Tyrol.

The Funivie Ghiacciai - a winter wonderland in the summer

The valley station of the Funivie Ghiaccia (the Val Senales cable car) is located at the end of Val Senales. During your holiday in Val Senales, the cable car will bring you to the modern ski resort, located 3,200m above sea level, which is open all year round. The ski resort offers the perfect conditions for snowboarding and skiing in South Tyrol in an impressive mountain setting. Many famous alpine skiing national teams from all over the world spend their summer training here. Enjoy the fresh mountain air and the spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding mountain peaks during your skiing holiday in South Tyrol. The valley station of the Funivie Ghiaccia is home to the so-called Ötzi Show Gallery, where you will gain in interesting insight into the place where the glacier mummy was found and can explore the life of the Iceman during your holiday in Val Senales in South Tyrol.

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