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Fit and active during your holiday in Val Passiria

If you do not fancy running or jogging and maybe consider it as too strenuous an activity, but if you still want to enjoy the beautiful scenery during your holiday in South Tyrol, you should go for one of the one most beneficial and effective exercise techniques around: Nordic Walking. Enjoy your Nordic Walking holiday for which you won't have to take tons of sports equipment with you when leaving for your holiday in South Tyrol. Nordic Walking is not only a healthy and modern way to stay in shape but also a great opportunity of enjoying the fresh mountain air and spectacular views of the surrounding mountain tops during your perfect holiday in Val Passiria. All you need are adequate clothes, good shoes, like a pair of trainers or trekking shoes and light alloy Nordic Walking poles and you'll be all set for the adventure of Nordic Walking in South Tyrol! There are plenty of beautiful destinations for your Nordic Walking holiday in Val Passiria such as a tour starting in San Leonardo and leading through meadows and forests along the bank of the River Passirio, during which you will enjoy unforgettable impressions of the picturesque setting. Enjoy the diverse offer for perfect Nordic Walking in South Tyrol.

Nordic Walking in South Tyrol along the bank of the River Passirio

Take advantage of your stay in a hotel in Passiria, to practice Nordic Walking in South Tyrol, one of the most modern and effective exercise techniques around. Originating from summer training for Finnish cross-country skiers, Nordic Walking works your upper and lower body at the same time and is suitable for all ages. Today, Nordic Walking has become a popular and healthy workout and many walkers enjoy the outdoors with others or alone during their holiday in South Tyrol. You need neither a lot of preparation nor an expensive equipment - Nordic Walking can be practiced practically everywhere. Nordic Walking in South Tyrol takes the workout to a completely new level and invites you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery while quickly walking through the countryside. Make the most of the many trails along the bank of the River Passirio and take advantage of the offered courses for beginners and advanced walkers (courses are held weekly from July to September in Bassa Val Passiria) during your holiday in Val Passiria.

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