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Explore the traditions of Passiria during your holiday in South Tyrol

During your holiday in South Tyrol you should not miss out on visiting the typically low-built homesteads and ancient shield farms, stone houses looking like little castles, located in Bassa Val Passiria. A trip to these legendary buildings, most of which have ivy growing up their walls, can be perfectly combined with a comfortable hiking tour in the Dolomites in the uniquely idyllic and picturesque scenery of Bassa Val Passiria. The farmsteads are 11 centuries old and scattered in the valleys as well as nestled into hills from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the nature paradise of Val Passiria. Ancient frescoes date back to medieval times and wait to be discovered by you. The so-called shield farmers were granted special rights in the 13th century. As vassals of Albert, the Count of the Tyrol, they were given large farms and raised to an aristocratic status enjoying many privileges such as the exemption from taxes. They also obtained the right of free hunting and fishing which exists until today. Explore the fascinating world of the shield farmers during your cultural holiday in South Tyrol and participate in the ceremonial parades with shield and halberd with which the population of Val Passiria celebrates ancient traditions.

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