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Giddy up! Equestrian holidays in Val d'Ultimo

This valley just seems to be made for your horse riding holiday in South Tyrol! The idyllic, unspoiled and simply magical landscape invites you to go on long treks and jaunts in the saddle. You will not only relish the pleasures of horse riding - for example on a South Tyrolean Haflinger horse - but also enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. Enthusiastic riders should choose this type of holiday in Val d'Ultimo and experience the beautiful South Tyrolean countryside on horseback: rides through flowery meadows and romantic larch woods, through lush mountain pastures and along the numerous lakes of Val d'Ultimo. Younger holidaymakers can take advantage of an entertaining leisure programme with weekly kids' days in the Theistadel horse stable in Procupola during their horse riding holiday in Val d'Ultimo. Every Friday, young horse enthusiasts can enjoy a day or half a day full of fun and games. Look forward to a diverse and family-friendly horse riding holiday in Val d'Ultimo - South Tyrol!

Farm holiday in Val d'Ultimo

Staying on a farm in South Tyrol is a wholly unique experience; the peaceful surroundings of Val d'Ultimo are the perfect destination for those who want to spend their family holiday in South Tyrol at a stable or on a farm! This is where both young and old guests can experience life on a traditional South Tyrolean mountain farm, help care for the animals, work in the barn and, of course, set out on wonderful rides in the idyllic scenery of Val d'Ultimo - South Tyrol. The hospitality and cordiality of your hosts will make your farm holiday a truly unforgettable one in such a relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere. This really is the perfect family holiday in Ultimo and is a particular hit with horse lovers.

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