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Wellness holidays in South Tyrol in Ultimo

Inhale fresh air surrounded by unspoiled nature and in a relaxing atmosphere, enjoy the pleasures of wellbeing and unwind during your wellness holiday in South Tyrol in Ultimo. The unique beauty of the surroundings will immediately cast its spell on, enabling you to enjoy relaxing days full of wonderful experiences. It is here that wellness in South Tyrol is taken to a completely new level: during an enjoyable stroll through the hikers' paradise of Ultimo/Alta Val di Non, when on a strenuous hiking tour, or while enjoying the family-friendly Schwemmalm ski resort, you will experience wellness in South Tyrol. All year round, the traditional Val d'Ultimo, with its unique natural beauty, is a popular destination, perfect for your family holiday in South Tyrol and a far cry from your day-to-day stress and hectic life. A wellness holiday in South Tyrol in Val d'Ultimo is the perfect recipe for entertainment and relaxation.

Spend your holidays in one of the wellness hotels in Ultimo

Wellness in South Tyrol is taken to a completely new level: from traditional hay baths, herbal saunas and soothing herbal massages, to individual fitness programmes including outdoor activities in the fresh mountain air, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and unspoiled nature where you can recharge your batteries and enjoy life's real pleasures. The "alpine wellness" concept also includes a whole range of appealing offers available to you in hotels in Ultimo. Qualified staff and tailored-made services guarantee you relaxation and a total and effective recovery from the stress of your daily routine. And while you relish the pleasures of your personal wellness and beauty programme, a glance out of the window of your hotel in Ultimo will give you a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and pastures. You'll wish that your holiday in Ultimo in South Tyrol would never end...

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