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Specialties served during your holiday in Val d'Ultimo

Culinary delights are part and parcel of a holiday in South Tyrol. That's why you should indulge in delicious traditional dishes during your holiday in Val d'Ultimo: salted doughnuts with sauerkraut, game stew, black salsify soup with gingerbread, potato gnocchi, Buchteln (yeast pastries with apricot jam), Grantennudeln (made of flour, yeast, cranberry jam and vanilla cream), apricot and plum pie, Kaiserschmarrn (pieces of sugared pancake with raisins), Herrngröstl (pan-fried meat, potatoes and onions with a fried egg) and barley soup. Moreover, you should try the traditional bread called Pindl - whole-grain bread with caraway, fennel and bread clover; sometimes Dreiklee (types of clover), aniseed and sunflower seeds are added. Other typical breads include the so-called Paarl, oat bread, or the shepherd's bread of Val d'Ultimo (also called Spitzenloabn). Your holiday in Val d'Ultimo will be filled with culinary delights of a new kind.

Hotels in Ultimo - an insider's tip for connoisseurs

Delicious traditional dishes and South Tyrolean specialties are served all year round in the numerous traditional taverns as well as in the hotel restaurants in Ultimo. Special highlights which you should not miss during your holiday in South Tyrol are the various speciality weeks in Val d'Ultimo. Take, for example, the Ultimo Lamb Weeks, a popular culinary event during which local taverns serve lamb from the region in many delicious dishes. Moreover, you can buy a whole range of lamb-related products. Another date for your diary during your holiday in South Tyrol is the Dandelion Week in Ultimo and Val di Non. The dandelions inspire the chefs of the hotels in Ultimo to cook imaginative and healthy dishes. A very special experience for connoisseurs...

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