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Exploring traditional customs during your holiday in Val d'Ultimo

Go on your own personal expedition and discover South Tyrol during your cultural holiday in Val d'Ultimo. You will find the hospitality of the Ultimo population enchanting, as well as the many cultural events that are organised all year round in Ultimo and its surroundings, giving you the chance to learn more about their interesting traditions: the Blossom Holiday in April, the Dandelion Weeks in May, the Corpus Christi and Jesus Christ processions in June or the Grape Feast and the Chestnut Days in October. What's more, numerous sporting events take place in Val d'Ultimo such as the 6th stage of the Transalp Challenge or the traditional run along homesteads in July. Make the most of the wide range of events during your hiking holiday in Ultimo or your winter holiday in the Schwemmalm ski resort. You certainly won't be disappointed!

Culture and hiking in South Tyrol - Ultimo

A cultural holiday in Ultimo is the perfect opportunity to combine cultural experiences with hiking in South Tyrol. Due to its secluded location, Val d'Ultimo has kept its traditions; customs have been passed on for centuries and are carefully and lovingly kept alive. The valley offers numerous cultural attractions, such as, for example, the so-called Paarhöfe of Val d'Ultimo (farmhouse and barn housed separately), that are hundreds of years old and have stone shingle roofs. Built closely together in a chain-like formation on the south face of hills, they look like a pearl necklace. While hiking in South Tyrol you should take the time to admire the well-kept cultivated fields, farmers' gardens and colourful balconies with flowers in full bloom in the idyllic villages of Val d'Ultimo. The most prominent of the villages are San Pancrazio (10 km from Lana), Santa Valburga (18.5 km from Lana), San Nicolo (27 km from Lana) and Santa Gertrude (31 km from Lana). The villages of Val d'Ultimo are each named after their respective patron saint. The junction between San Pancrazio and Santa Valburga leads you to a culturally rich area at the border with Trentino, a veritable paradise for fans of hiking in South Tyrol: Alta Val di Non with the villages of Proves and Loregno.

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