The wine and asparagus village of Terlano (Terlan), plus Vilpiano (Vilpian) and Settequerce (Siebeneich), lies surrounded by vineyards and orchards in the Adige Valley between Merano and Bolzano. Terlano is an ideal base for an exciting hiking holiday in South Tyrol.

Holiday in Terlano - South Tyrol

The wine and asparagus village of Terlano with its fractions Vilpiano and Settequerce is located in Val d'Adige between Merano and Bolzano, surrounded by vineyards and orchards. Terlano is the perfect starting point for exciting hiking tours in South Tyrol. Wonderful hiking paths will lead you through the vineyards and orchards of Val d'Adige and along the high plateau, a veritable haven for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. During your holiday in Terlano you can also enjoy a diverse sports and leisure offer as well as numerous cultural and culinary highlights. Spend a relaxing holiday in South Tyrol in one of the excellent hotels in Terlano, where you will feel at home from the moment you arrive. Your hosts bid you a warm welcome!

Terlano and its surroundings - hiking holidays in South Tyrol

The unique scenery of Terlano and its surroundings with its sunny vineyards, fragrant orchards, cool forests and crystal clear torrents always works its magic on hikers. Set out for unforgettable hiking tours in Terlano - Terlano offers unique experiences for everyone, whether you prefer leisurely walks or sportive and challenging climbing tours. Walk along the circle paths, starting at the hiking parking lots or spend wonderful hours along the walking and hiking trails of the Bachau health resort. From Settequerce, numerous hiking paths lead to the low mountain range through fragrant forests and to Castle Casanova, which is locally called Castle Maultasch. We also recommend a ride with the cable car from Vilpiano to Meltina, where the wonderful hiking region awaits you. Wherever you go, you will enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding mountains before indulging in South Tyrolean specialties such as mountain cheese and Terlano farmers' bacon in one of the numerous mountain huts and cabins.

Your holiday in Terlano offers something to suit everyone - from mountain climbing to bathing

The diverse sports and leisure programme of Terlano offers a whole feast of activities for you tailored active holiday in South Tyrol. The numerous trails leading through vineyards and orchards are perfect destinations for mountain bike tours. Mountain climbing enthusiasts will have their fill when they go climbing in the HETZ climbing garden in Terlano. Experience the adventure and the thrill of mountain climbing for all abilities in up to 12m height. Miniature golf lovers can concentrate on their sporting experience on the miniature golf course in Vilpiano, while tennis fans can knock a ball about on one of the four red clay courts in Terlano. Don't miss out on going for a dip during your holiday in Terlano. In the summer, the outdoor pool in Terlano and the nearby Lake Caldaro, the warmest bathing lake of the Alps, invite you to dive on in.

Cultural highlights and culinary delights during your holiday in South Tyrol

One of the highlights of your holiday in Terlano definitely is a visit to Castle Casanova, situated above Terlano. We recommend a panoramic hiking tour to this historical castle, which is also called Castle Maultasch due to its eventful history. The parochial church of Terlano with its wonderful cultural treasures and Gothic frescoes is definitely worth a visit. Your holiday in Terlano would not be complete without having tasted the famous Terlano asparagus. From April to May, during the famous Terlano Asparagus Weeks, the restaurants and hotels in Terlano serve a wide variety of delicious asparagus dishes, complemented by a glass of Terlano Sauvignon, the perfect companion for asparagus. Give in to the culinary delights during your holiday in Terlano!

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