Santa Valburga

Santa Valburga is the ideal holiday resort for your holiday in the Ulten Valley, stretching along Falschauerbach from Lana 40 km south west.

Holiday in Santa Valburga - South Tyrol

Santa Valpurga is the perfect destination for your hiking holiday in Val d'Ultimo, a veritable haven for hikers, stretching 40km along the Valsura stream in the south-west of Lana. Surrounded by impressive mountain tops and shadowy forests, the picturesque holiday village of Santa Valpurga is located 18.5km from Lana on a small plateau and offers a panoramic view of Lake Zoccolo, the surrounding mountains and the glaciers of the Ortles group. This scenic view will be part and parcel of your holiday in Santa Valpurga! Your exciting hiking holiday in Santa Valpurga offers a wide variety of hiking possibilities: walks through large forests and wide mountain pastures or hikes past traditional farmsteads made of wood and built the famous Val d'Ultimo way, crystal-clear mountain ponds and idyllic little churches - the choice is yours. Whether you choose to hike in the bottom of the valley or up high - your hiking holiday in Val d'Ultimo will be a fascinating experience. Enjoy the beauty of unspoiled nature and relish the pleasures of relaxation in one of the hotels in Santa Valpurga and the bed and breakfasts in Santa Valpurga, where you will feel at home the from the moment you arrive. Your hosts bid you a warm welcome!

Val d'Ultimo - a hikers' paradise between picturesque lakes and mighty mountain tops

During your holiday in Santa Valpurga you will set out to explore a hikers' paradise which is perfect for your hiking holiday in South Tyrol. 600km of signposted hiking trails will lead you through unspoiled nature and the impressive mountain scenery, past ancient homesteads, idyllic mountain churches, lush green meadows with traditional cabins and numerous reservoirs and mountain ponds. Make the most of the wide variety of paths and trails during your hiking tours in Val d'Ultimo. During your stress-free family holiday in Santa Valpurga you shouldn't miss out on visiting Lake Zoccolo, a reservoir that shines in a dark green and stretches from the end of the holiday village to the village of Pracupola. A walk along the path around the lake, leading from Santa Valpurga to Pracupola will definitely be an unforgettable experience, while the so-called Way of the Cross leading from Pracupola to the church of San Maurizio is well worth a visit during your hiking holiday in Santa Valpurga. This gothic church is located on a hillside 1,640m above sea level and is said to be the oldest church of the whole valley. Other prominent routes for your hiking holiday in Val d'Ultimo are tours along the ancient homesteads, to the numerous mills or through the mountain pastures to Malga Marschnell, the largest mountain pasture in Val d'Ultimo or to Malga Riemerbergl, from where you will enjoy a breathtaking view. Give in to the culinary temptations of the valley, that are as diverse as the beautiful scenery and which are to be enjoyed in the exquisite restaurants or taverns. Whatever activities you choose to participate in, you will most definitely be in good hands in the comfortable holiday homes in Santa Valburga in Val d'Ultimo.

Enjoy an active leisure and cultural programme during your holiday in Santa Valpurga

The wide array of sports and leisure activities offers a whole feast of possibilities for your tailored holiday in Val d'Ultimo in South Tyrol. Explore the natural beauty of Val d'Ultimo while cycling along the Valsura stream or during adventurous mountain bike tours along the numerous forest trails and paths. Moreover, Santa Valpurga offers the perfect conditions for wonderful Nordic Walking in South Tyrol, guided by experienced Nordic Walking trainers. The open air pool in Santa Valpurga invites you to dive on in during your family holiday in Santa Valpurga. Take a dip and enjoy the beautiful view of the Vedetta Alta (2,627m) and Il Sasso (2,540m). The excellent wellness hotels in Santa Valpurga have a lot to offer and invite you to relish the pleasures of wellness in South Tyrol. If you have always dreamed of spending a wonderful winter holiday in South Tyrol, you will definitely enjoy the snow-covered winter wonderland, inviting you to romantic winter hikes and horse-drawn sleigh rides. The toboggan run in Santa Valpurga, the ice-skating rink in Pracupola and the nearby Schwemmalm ski resort, offering a panoramic view of the mountain tops of the Ortles massive, many of which are more than 3,000m high, are perfect if you want to have fun in the snow with the whole family!

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