San Giacomo

If you have not yet been on holiday in South Tyrol, we recommend a hiking holiday in St. Jakob- Ahrn Valley, where a rural atmosphere and beautiful views of the Dolomites await you.

Holiday in St. Jakob - South Tyrol

If you have never before spent your holiday in South Tyrol, you should go for a hiking holiday in San Giacomo in Valle Aurina, where you can experience the traditional rural atmosphere while enjoying a beautiful view of the Dolomites. With the picturesque village being really close to the Valli di Tures e Aurina ski resort, winter sports enthusiasts will get everything they need for a perfect holiday in South Tyrol. We invite you experience the hospitality and cordiality of the many cosy hotels in San Giacomo in Valle Aurina, where you will feel at home from the moment you arrive.

Hiking holidays in San Giacomo in Valle Aurina

Inhale the fresh mountain air and let the mild climate in Valle Aurina work its magic on you! Along the well-signposted hiking trails in Valle Aurina at all altitudes you can explore beautiful destinations such as the Vedrette di Ries - Aurina Nature Park. Why not discover the countryside on horseback, on a sure-footed Haflinger horse or set out for a family hiking tour in Valle Aurina, where you will enjoy the lush green meadows and the child-friendly atmosphere. Whatever activities you choose to participate in, you will most definitely be in good hands in one of the comfortable bed and breakfasts in Valle Aurina.

Diverse sports and leisure offers in San Giacomo in Valle Aurina

With its wide array of sports and leisure activities, San Giacomo in Valle Aurina is a veritable haven for sports enthusiasts. In the summer you can go on a bicycle tour, go hiking in the Dolomites or swimming, set out for an exciting rafting tour along the River Aurino, enjoy the adventure of paragliding, play tennis and much more. In the winter, you should definitely go for a skiing holiday in Valle Aurina, where the nearby Klausberg ski resort or the Speikboden ski resort as well as the Riva di Tures ski resort invite you to have fun in the snow and take advantage of the numerous ski lifts and well-groomed pistes. After a strenuous day in the mountains you can unwind, relax and succumb with all senses to the pleasures of wellbeing in one of our wellness hotels in Valle Aurina in South Tyrol.

What's on for kids and family in San Giacomo in Valle Aurina

The holidays have arrived! Look forward to your family holiday in San Giacomo in Valle Aurina. The numerous services and programmes guarantee fun and action for the youngsters and their parents. Our children's activity leaders set out on nature trails with the kids, organise outdoor barbecues, treasure hunts, and once it rains, they paint or do handicrafts together with the children. In the winter, the kids' holiday dreams will come true when they learn skiing in Valle Aurina in a playful way or enjoy themselves at the colourful ski kindergartens of the Valli di Tures e Aurina ski resort. Mum and Dad can lay back in one of our comfortably furnished holiday homes in San Giacomo in Valle Aurina and enjoy their holiday, content in the knowledge that the kids are enjoying theirs.


Explore the world of our ancestors and spend a holiday in San Giacomo in Valle Aurina with a cultural touch. There are numerous sights and treasures you can discover, such as the wonderful Gothic church or the carving school, where this traditional handicraft has been practiced until this very day and the tradition is lovingly kept alive. If you rather enjoy a party, we recommend dancing along during the open air concert Rock'n Toul in August. Nature, culture and sound will enrich your hiking holiday in Valle Aurina, during which you should stay in one of our cosy apartments in Valle Aurina.

Culinary delights

Our culinary journey leads you right to San Giacomo in Valle Aurina, where you will be served not only delicate international and Mediterranean dishes, but also typical local specialties like the South Tyrolean wine soup, Schlutzkrapfen (a ravioli dish), bacon dumplings and more. Every single one of these treats should be accompanied by a glass of one of our excellent South Tyrolean wines, making your holiday in South Tyrol a really pleasant experience. We look forward to welcoming you again next year in one of our comfortable hotels in the Dolomites.

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