Riva di Tures

If you are longing for a wonderful natural backdrop where the sun shines and the mountains tower, then you've made the right decision in opting for a hiking holiday in Riva (Rein) in the Taufers- Ahrn Valley. You also have the chance to spend a magical skiing holiday in the Ahrn Valley.

Holiday in Riva (Rein) in Taufers - South Tyrol

If fancy beautiful scenery in a sun-blessed region with tempting mountain peaks, then you should spend a hiking holiday in Riva di Tures - Valle Aurina. Of course you can also spend your skiing holiday in Valle Aurina, where the Valli di Tures e Aurina ski resort awaits you with perfectly groomed pistes and ski lifts. We invite you to lay back and unwind in one of our cosy hotels in Riva di Tures. Our hosts bid you a warm welcome!

Hiking holidays in Riva di Tures - Valle Aurina

The countryside of Riva di Tures in Valle Aurina, with its lush green meadows and romantic places will immediately work its magic on you - we guarantee you will spend unforgettable days in the Dolomites. Riva di Tures in Valle Aurina is one of the highest villages of South Tyrol, thus being the perfect starting place for hiking tours in the Vedrette di Ries Nature Park. If you want to explore the highest Stone Pine trees of the Eastern Alps, then the Monte Covoni is definitely well worth a visit. The scenery offers something to suit everyone - Mum, Dad and the kids can enjoy the lush green meadows during their family hiking tours in Valle Aurina and relish the familiar atmosphere in one of the comfortable bed and breakfasts in Valle Aurina.

Diverse sports and leisure offers in Riva di Tures - Valle Aurina

Riva di Tures in Valle Aurina offers numerous adventures for sports enthusiasts and invites you to enjoy a whole feast of sports and leisure activities. In the summer, you can go hiking in Valle Aurina, mountain climbing in the Dolomites, enjoy an adventurous river trekking experience, go canyoning, play tennis and much more. In the winter, the Speikboden ski resort, the Klausberg ski resort and the Riva di Tures ski resort invite you to enjoyable days during your holiday in Valli di Tures e Aurina. One of the longest and highest cross-country ski runs around is located near Riva di Tures in Valle Aurina and invites cross-country skiers to spend a beautiful day in the snow. Whatever activities you choose to participate in, you will most definitely be in good hands in one of the cosy hotels in Valle Aurina.

What's on for kids and family in Riva di Tures, Valle Aurina

The children's activity leaders in Riva di Tures, Valle Aurina always invite the youngsters to participate in the diverse, supervised kids' programmes and organised events full of games, fun and adventure. Together we set out on nature trails, play cowboy and Indian, organise outdoor barbecues, do handicrafts and much more. With an entertaining leisure programme guaranteed, there will be no time for being bored. In the winter you can enjoy yourselves at our colourful ski kindergartens in the Valli di Tures e Aurina ski resort, while Mum and Dad indulge in the pleasures of relaxation for body and mind in one of our wellness hotels in Valle Aurina in South Tyrol.


Riva di Tures in Valle Aurina has something to suit everyone, whether you want to experience nature or explore the local culture. With a number of sights guaranteed, your holiday in Valle Aurina will be a very special experience. Why not visit the idyllic Kofel Castle, an ancient Romanesque fortress or, if you like the sound of water, the three Cascata di Riva waterfalls. The many natural treasures and cultural monuments will make your hiking holiday in Valle Aurina a special experience. At the end of the day, you can relax in a cosy apartment in Valle Aurina.

Culinary delights

Relish the pleasures of culinary indulgence in Riva di Tures in Valle Aurina and give in to the temptations of the local cuisine, serving not only excellent international and Mediterranean specialties, but also typical regional dishes, from Bauerngröstl (pan-fried onion, potatoes, meat and more) to Schlutzkrapfen (a ravioli dish) and bacon dumplings and Krapfen (sweet South Tyrolean doughnuts) for dessert. Don't forget that every good meal should be complimented by a glass of excellent Tyrolean wine. This is what a holiday in Valle Aurina, South Tyrol should taste like. We invite you to spend an unforgettable South Tyrol holiday in your hotel in the Dolomites and look forward to seeing you again next year!

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