Holidays with dogs

When the whole family goes on holiday, the pet dog does not like to be left out! But dogs are often far from welcome in hotels. This is not the case during your holiday with your dog in South Tyrol! Many hotels are proud of their dog-friendly policy, and your well-behaved dog will be given everything its heart desires: a lot of space in the large hotel rooms, dog baskets and ample opportunity for letting off steam and walks outdoors. Your holidays in South Tyrol in Italy will certainly be stress-free holidays with your dog - the dog-friendly hotels in South Tyrol provide a separate dining area for dog owners and provide information about local veterinarians and pet shops.

Holidays with dogs in the South Tyrolean Dolomites

As dogs like to be with their owners, the dog-friendly hotels in South Tyrol ensure that you will have a stress-free holiday with your dog. Even so, it is important for dog owners to respect certain rules, so that their holiday with their dog will be a relaxing experience both for the dog and its owner. Please respect the dog-related regulations when you are out hiking in South Tyrol, so that the flora and fauna are not harmed and will be protected until your next holiday in South Tyrol.

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