Ready, set, and off you roar on a new adventure. Experience the thrill and fascination of motor-biking in the breath-taking scenery of the South Tyrolean Dolomites! Challenge, adventure, adrenalin kicks and unforgettable views of the mountain world - just all part of a motorbike holiday in South Tyrol. Each and every biker will find his own personal dream route here: over the highest Dolomites mountain passes, the Stilfserjoch (2,758 m) and Timmelsjoch (2,291 m) in the Ortler region, the Penser Joch (2,215 m) and Jaufenpass (2,099 m) in the Sarntal and Ötztal Alps, the Sellapass (2,244 m) and Grödner Joch (2,121 m) in the Grödner Dolomites, the Pordoijoch (2,239 m), Campolongo-Joch (1,875 m), Valparola-Joch (2,168 m) and Falzaregojoch (2,195 m) around the Sellastock, or the Karerpass (1,745 m) and Lavazéjoch (1,807 m) in the biker paradise of Rosengarten-Latemar. Just wait and see: you won't be short of ideas on a bike holiday in South Tyrol!

In the biker paradise of the South Tyrolean Dolomites

The valleys and mountain passes in the South Tyrolean Dolomites offer wonderful opportunities for hugely diverse bike tours, depending on your preferences. Why not use this offer to set off on extensive trips through the most beautiful areas of South Tyrol as part of a Bike Week. Great surfaces and twisting routes are guaranteed to send a thrill into biker hearts! A motorbike holiday in South Tyrol means technical challenges, unique scenery, tremendous panoramas of awe-inspiring peaks, fantastic insights into the plant and animal kingdom of the South Tyrolean Dolomites and, of course, the certainty that there will be a cold beer waiting for you at the next snack bar.

Welcome to your Bike Hotel in South Tyrol

As a passionate biker, you are probably not a classic holiday-maker and therefore have quite specific ideas about your hotel in South Tyrol fitting in with your hobby. Perhaps the most comfortable option for you on your Bike Holiday in South Tyrol is one of the stated Bike Hotels in South Tyrol, which are specially equipped for motor-biking guests. Staff will be pleased to suggest the most rewarding bike tours in the surroundings, and professional advice is always on-hand. Your host will often double as your tour guide, expertly leading you through the beautiful South Tyrolean Dolomites. The bike hotels in South Tyrol also offer the comfort of specially adapted home fittings: covered parking spaces, tool cupboard, washing and drying facilities as well as up-to-date information about roads and weather conditions. What more could a biker heart wish for? There is absolutely nothing stopping you from having an unforgettable motorbike holiday in South Tyrol!

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