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Experience the fascination of flying during your sports holiday in South Tyrol

A stay in the Meraner Land is the perfect opportunity to experience a very special sports holiday in South Tyrol. The beautiful and diverse countryside invites you to try out on hang gliding and paragliding in South Tyrol during your holiday in Merano and enjoy an incomparable panoramic view of the mountain scenery, such as the mountain peaks of Gruppo di Tessa with Picco Ivigna and Punto Cervina. Two local clubs offer tandem flights and tuition as well as adventure and action on the different flight routes: the tandem club Picco Ivigna and the club Tirolfly start their flights from the Hochmut tavern, from Malga Taser or Punto Cervina. Let your dreams of being as free as a bird come true during your sports holiday in South Tyrol in the Meraner Land!

Experience paragliding in South Tyrol in the Meraner Land

Do you fancy an 'all airborne' holiday in South Tyrol? Are you ready for the ultimate adrenaline rush of a free fall and have you ever dreamed of soundlessly floating over mountain peaks and treetops? Then you should definitely go for the adventure of paragliding in South Tyrol! All you need are good shoes, and a certain fitness in order to manage start and landing - no prior knowledge is required. After a few instructions from your pilot, you are ready: feel the thrill of your feet leaving the ground for the first time and hold your breath as earth drops away from you and you can see the spectacular mountain scenery of Merano from up high. Take advantage of your holiday in Merano and its surroundings to discover the fascination of paragliding in South Tyrol!

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