Merano lies in a basin in the western part of the region at 320 m above sea level, into which the Venosta (Vinschgau), Adige (Etsch) and Passiria (Passeier) Valleys flow.

Merano (Meran) Holiday

Merano is located in the western part of the country, 320m above sea level in the bottom of the valley, where Val Venosta, Val d'Adige and Val Passiria meet. Merano is the oldest health resort of South Tyrol and surrounded by orchards and vineyards and the mighty mountain peaks of the Gruppo di Tessa, the Punta Cervina and the Ilfinger. In ancient times, even Empress Sissi relished the pleasures of relaxation in Merano, which has been known as a health resort since the 19th century. We invite you to spend a wonderful holiday in Merano and experience the mild and Mediterranean climate, due to which Merano is the perfect destination for your cultural holiday in South Tyrol all year round. This unique health resort offers a whole feast of historical, cultural and natural attractions that suit every age and taste. Spend an unforgettable holiday in South Tyrol in Merano, a Mediterranean city in the heart of the South Tyrolean Alps. During your holiday in Merano, you will most definitely be in good hands in one of the excellent hotels in Merano or in the comfortably furnished bed and breakfasts in Merano in South Tyrol. You hosts bid you a warm welcome!

Spend a relaxing hiking holiday in Merano and take advantage of the favourable climate from the spring to the autumn (when the popular Törggelen event takes place) to set out for wonderful walks and hiking tours. Exciting hiking trails will lead you to the sun-blessed high plateau Merano 2000 above the bottom of the valley of Merano, or through the unique Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park, the largest of its kind in South Tyrol. The Alta Via di Merano is almost 100km long and invites you to walk through the whole Gruppo di Tessa. The famous Tappeiner path is accessible in the summer and the winter alike and is a veritable haven for nature lovers and those who fancy peace and quiet. We also recommend a walk along the idyllic Waal paths around Merano, such as the Waal paths of Lagundo, Marlengo and Caines. While hiking in Merano, you can also explore exotic trees, ornamental plants and orchards. Holidaymakers will have their fill when they walk along the picturesque promenades in and around Merano or through the extensive parks with Mediterranean and subtropical plants. Your holiday in Merano invites you to discover the botanic gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff, a paradise for plant lovers, which are nestled on a sunny hillside above Merano. The gardens in full bloom invite you to take a closer look at typical South Tyrolean plants as well as at flowers, plants, bushes and trees from all over the world. Spend an unforgettable family holiday in Merano and book a room in one of the comfortably furnished holiday homes in Merano in South Tyrol.

Merano - a health resort with the charm of ancient times

Merano in Burgraviato once was the heart of ancient Tyrol. Even today you will experience the charm of ancient times during your holiday in Merano. The Medieval centre of the city with its idyllic arcades invites you to sip a glass of wine in the comfortable cafés, wine cellars and excellent restaurants. The Merano architecture also has a lot of treasures, such as the Kurhaus which was built in 1874 or the Pavillon de Fleurs, located along the Merano spa promenade with its numerous cafés. Other historical highlights you should not miss out on during your family holiday in Merano in South Tyrol are Castle Tirolo and the magical Castle Trauttmansdorff, where Empress Sissi spent her winter cure twice. Today, Castle Trauttmannsdorf is a museum, telling the story of 200 years of eventful Tyrolean history. We also recommend a visit to the horse race track in Maia Bassa, one of the most beautiful and prominent of its kind in Europe. One of the highlights definitely is the Haflinger horse race on Easter Monday and the Gran Premio di Merano, a highly endowed obstacle course on the last Sunday in September. Other cultural highlights of your holiday in South Tyrol in the Merano health resort are the Opera Spring, the Music Weeks in late summer and the Winefestival & Culinaria Internazionale. On the third weekend of October, the famous Grape Feast is held, featuring concerts and splendid processions.

Diverse sports and leisure offers during your holiday in Merano

All year round, Merano invites you to enjoy a whole feast of leisure activities. The numerous hiking trails and Waal paths around Merano are perfect for wonderful cycling tours in an incomparable setting. Merano also offers endless opportunities for playing tennis or golf, horse riding or swimming, so your unforgettable family holiday in Merano in South Tyrol will most definitely not be boring. One of the highlights of your holiday in Merano is the new Merano spa, a veritable haven for wellness in South Tyrol. Take advantage of the largest spa resort in South Tyrol and succumb to the pleasures of numerous health and wellness offers on 7,500m², including a bathing area, sauna facilities and a spa and health centre, where you can take a bath in milk and whey, detoxify your body with the Merano grapes or succumb to soothing peelings made of South Tyrolean apples. This is what a relaxing wellness holiday in South Tyrol should be like! In the winter, Merano is the perfect destination for your winter holiday in South Tyrol. The prominent skiing area Merano 2000 offers a wide array of attractions for winter sports enthusiasts. After a strenuous day in the mountains, you can relax in one of the wellness hotels in Merano in South Tyrol where you will be pampered from top to toe.

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