Nestled within the apple gardens of South Tyrol at the heart of the Val Venosta (Vinschgau) lies the idyllic holiday resort of Laces (Latsch), with its districts of Goldrain, Morter, Tarsch and St. Martin im Kofel. Situated between the Ortlergruppe and the Ötztal Alps on the border of the Stilfser Joch National Park, Laces is the ideal holiday resort for your hiking holiday in South Tyrol.

Holiday in Laces - South Tyrol

The idyllic holiday village of Laces is nestled in the South Tyrolean apple orchards in the heart of Val Venosta. The village consists of the fractions Coldrano, Morter, Tarres and San Martino al Monte. Laces is located between the Ortles group and the Alpi Venoste at the border to the Stelvio National Park, thus being the perfect destination for your hiking holiday in South Tyrol. Spend your holiday in Laces if you fancy a veritable hikers' paradise with a lot of sun, many castles and manor houses. Moreover, the region invites you to rambling tours along the ancient irrigation channels (the so-called Waal paths) and the panoramic trails on the Monte del Sole of Venosta, where you will enjoy high alpine meadows and the impressive mountain scenery of the Ortles Group. Due to its location in the centre of Val Venosta, Laces is the perfect starting point for numerous visits. Moreover, it offers many cultural attractions and a diverse sports and leisure programme for your exciting holiday in South Tyrol. Experience unforgettable hours during your hiking holiday in Laces and enjoy the sincere hospitality in the hotels of Laces. The bed and breakfasts in Laces and the holiday homes in Laces bid you a warm welcome - you will enjoy the cosy atmosphere and feel at home from the moment you arrive.

Monte del Sole and Monte Tramonata - two veritable havens for hikers in Val Venosta

Your holiday in Laces, a truly sun-blessed holiday village in South Tyrol where you can visit many castles, offers numerous hiking possibilities. In the spring, we recommend walking through the apple orchards in full bloom, past traditional homesteads, romantic castles and historical buildings. In the summer and the autumn, you should spend your hiking holiday in Laces, where you can walk along many kilometres of signposted hiking trails or follow the picturesque paths along the water irrigation channels (the so-called Waal paths). Moreover, you should take advantage of the two ski lifts of Monte del Sole and Monte Tramonata, two spectacular yet very diverse high alpine regions. The chairlift of Monte Tramonata will take you to the hikers' paradise Malga di Tarres (1,940 m above sea level) that offers numerous routes for hiking in South Tyrol amidst lush green meadows, extensive alpine pastures and crystal clear mountain ponds. Enjoy exciting hiking tours to the deep blue Lake Tarres or hike along the Joch Waal path. We also recommend spectacular high alpine tours to the glacier Monte Orecchia di Lepre, to the Cevedale or the high alpine region of the Stelvio National Park. The Monte del Sole also offers beautiful destinations for your holiday in Laces such as the mountain village of San Martino sul Colle (1,740 m), the perfect starting point for exciting panoramic hiking tours to the highest mountain tops. We also recommend long rambling tours to the Lake San Martino or up to Cima Vermoi. It is practically everywhere that you will enjoy breathtaking views of the glaciers of the Ortles group. Reinhold Messner once said "There are higher mountains, but nowhere they are as beautiful as in South Tyrol!" - let yourself persuade of this during your hiking holiday in Val Venosta.

Eventful culture and leisure programmes during your holiday in Laces

You hiking holiday in South Tyrol in the holiday paradise of Laces has a lot to offer: numerous hiking possibilities, cultural attractions, sights as well as an interesting sports and leisure programme. During your holiday in Laces in South Tyrol you should set out to visit some of the most beautiful castles and manor houses of the region, such as Annaberg Castle in Coldrano, Montani Castle and the ruin of the Montani di Sotto Castle, located on a hill at the entrance of Val Martello, or the mighty Coldrano Castle. Other cultural highlights during your hiking holiday in Laces are the winged altar of the Swabian master craftsman Jörg Lederer in the hospital church of Laces, the frescoes of the chapel of San Stefano in Morter as well as many other historic buildings and artistic treasures. During your holiday in Laces you will enjoy a whole feast of leisure activities. Whether you go for leisurely cycling tours during your family holiday in Laces in South Tyrol or prefer adventurous mountain bike tours in the Alps - Val Venosta is a real bikers' paradise and offers a fascinating and beautiful landscape. Take advantage of the new Val Venosta train and discover Val Venosta along the railway tracks while taking your bike with you. The village of Tarres above Laces even has a bikers' park. Laces also offers the perfect conditions for exciting Nordic Walking tours in South Tyrol. The large sports centre of Laces with its gym, weights room, tennis courts, fitness path and track and field facilities invites you to diverse sportive activities during your holiday in Laces. If you fancy a wellness holiday in South Tyrol, Laces is the place to go. The first-class wellness hotels in Laces offer every possible comfort and extensive wellness programmes.

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