La Villa

Spend a unique skiing holiday in Alta Badia in the picturesque little village of La Villa, internationally renowned as an elite winter sports centre in the Dolomites. It is also known for its world cup races which take place annually on the "Gran Risa" slopes.

Holiday in La Villa - South Tyrol

Spend an unforgettable skiing holiday in Alta Badia in the picturesque village of La Villa, internationally recognised as an elitist winter sports resort in the Dolomites and famous for the yearly organised ski World Cup race on the Gran Risa course. In the summer, the legendary Dolomites invite you to a relaxing hiking holiday in La Villa - Alta Badia. Inhale the fresh mountain air and let yourself be pampered from top to toe by the friendly and hospitable staff of one of the many hotels in La Villa and your holiday in Alta Badia will definitely be an unforgettable and unique experience.

Hiking holidays in La Villa in Alta Badia

La Villa and its surroundings offer a wide array of hiking tours in Alta Badia. Well-signposted hiking trails at all altitudes will lead you to beautiful destinations, where you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Dolomites. We recommend one of the most exquisite and well-signposted hiking routes, which will lead you to the San Croce church, where you can also enjoy the magnificent hiking area of the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Park. The child-friendly atmosphere and the lush green meadows are perfect for your family hiking tours in Alta Badia. After a strenuous day in the mountains, you can relax in the neat and cosy hiking hotels in La Villa - spend an unforgettable holiday in the Dolomites!

Diverse sports and leisure offers in La Villa

La Villa in Alta Badia will surprise you with an active holiday programme offering a whole feast of sports and leisure activities. The choice is yours: experience a bird's view of Alta Badia while effortlessly gliding through the sky during a tandem paragliding flight with a pilot of our aviation school, explore the beauty of Alta Badia on mountain bike, go hiking in the Dolomites, set out for a mountain climbing tour, try out on horse riding or go swimming. In the winter, you can enjoy a day of skiing, for example on the Gran Risa course, go snowboarding, snow shoe hiking, carving, cross-country skiing in the Alta Badia cross-country skiing resort, tobogganing and more. After a day in the mountains, you should relax and recharge your batteries in one of our wellness hotels in La Villa.

What's on for kids and families in La Villa

The kids will burst with curiosity and feel the thrill of adventure once they have heard about the numerous services in La Villa, that make the village the perfect destination for your family holiday in Alta Badia. Fun, games and action for the youngsters will be guaranteed, with our children's activity leaders offering numerous activities, such as soccer, obstacle courses, tennis, volley ball, frisbee, and games at the playground. Moreover, our youngest guests are invited to join the sports day in the sports centre of La Villa, an event featuring special athletic Olympic Games for the youngsters and a barbecue. We also set out to discover nature, play and do handicrafts with natural products, meet at the local cinema and more. If you are still looking for the perfect place to stay, we can highly recommend one of our comfortably furnished apartments in Alta Badia.


Do you want to feel the nostalgia of ancient times and explore the world of our ancestors? Then you should visit the ancient castle Ciastel Colz as well as the wonderful parochial church in the centre of La Villa. While discovering our natural and cultural monuments in Alta Badia, you will gain an insight into the development and history of our region. This is how your hiking holiday in La Villa will be a stunning natural and cultural journey.

Culinary delights

We believe that the way to a guest's heart is through his stomach. The numerous restaurants and hotels in Alta Badia serve international and exquisite Italian cuisine as well as Ladin specialties. Tradition is lovingly kept alive by the chefs of the exquisite restaurants in La Villa, where you can indulge in numerous culinary delights. We will happily serve you barley soup with ravioli, Schlutzkrapfen (a ravioli dish), liver or bacon dumplings, mush made of maize meal and wheat flour, a fine glass of excellent South Tyrolean wine and more... Enjoy every mouthful of your holiday in La Villa - you will most definitely want spend another holiday in South Tyrol!

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