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Spend a legendary holiday in the Dolomites

Spend your holiday in the Dolomites and enter the world of legends and myths! The impressive mountains of Catinaccio and Latemar are described in various mystic legends. The most popular legendary figure which you will certainly come across during your hiking holiday in the Dolomites is dwarf king Laurin, who once cast a spell on his rose garden, thus turning it into stone. There is another myth about the Dolls of the Latemar, which were turned into stone by a forest spirit in order to teach naughty children a lesson. Your children will most certainly also enjoy the story about the beautiful Lake Carezza during your family holiday in South Tyrol: a warlock once wanted to win the heart of a mermaid, who lived in the pond. As she was never content with the presents he offered her, the warlock angrily threw a rainbow into the water, the colours of which are still shining from the ground of the lake to the surface.

Cultural holidays in South Tyrol in the Catinaccio region

The Catinaccio/Latemar holiday region is a cultural gem and has a very long tradition in tourism. Famous personalities like Empress Sissi and Winston Churchill once spent their holiday in South Tyrol at the Grand Hotel Carezza where also Agatha Christie and Karl May were inspired by the beautiful setting. The villages of the area are culturally interesting places you should visit during your holiday in South Tyrol, with all of them having picturesque little churches or chapels such as the romantic church of San Cipriano near Tires and the beautiful church of Sant' Elena, picturesquely situated on the top of a hill near Nova Ponente with its important gothic frescoes. The most famous and popular place of pilgrimage of South Tyrol, the village of Madonna di Pietralba is situated 1,520m above sea level and belongs to the community of Monte San Pietro. During your holiday in the Dolomites you mustn't miss out on visiting the visitors' centre of the Sciliar Nature Park in the so-called Steger Säge (an ancient sawmill) or Cornedo Castle which is boldly situated above the canyon of Val d'Ega and belongs to the most beautiful knight's castles of the country.

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