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Sporting holidays!
To spend the day in a wholesome way with relaxing walks, horse rides, mountain-bike tours, swimming, tennis (courts 10 minutes far away on foot), golf (20 km far away), beach-volley and jogging. Who wants to enrich one's culture can pay a visit to the near towns of Bolzano, Merano, Trento and Verona.

Routes varying from the gentle to the impassable with a range of gradients, passing woods, orchards and vines, guarantee outings which are truly varied.

Tennis in Monticolo
This year we are offering low-cost tennis facilities on the two sand courts in the Monticolo village with Peter, with a discount of 30%.

Lake Monticolo
The Monticolo lakes offer visitors numerous opportunities for outdoor activities. A little to the south, Lake Caldaro offers excellent conditions for windsurfing.

Paragliding / Mountaineering
For those who love to fly
On the south side of Lake Caldaro (250m) there is a a landing field for paragliding and hangliding. This flying area is certainly one of the most beautiful and most spectacular. Gliders leave from Punta Lavina (paragliding) and from Penegal (hang gliding) and it is possible to fly all year.

The variety of the Upper Adige landscape makes it ideal for mountaineering.


Gartenhotel Moser al lago
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