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Attack against refugees center Vandoies


Unknown attackers threw some Molotov bottles against a building in Vandoies, Val Pusteria, hosting refugees from Nothern Africa. The attack took place on Thursday night; luckily no one was wounded, but the building was slightly damaged.

Investigations are taking place now to know more about the attack which took place on Thursday night in Vandoies, Val Pusteria. The attack was condemned as a "serious crime", as the culprits will be accused of massacre, illegal possession of weapons, incendiary attack; if the attack racist matrix will be clarified, the culprits have infringed the Mancino law as well. Moreover, innocent people were attacked; they lived at the "Fischerhaus" building since summer 2011. The building inhabitants are 20 refugees from Northern Africa and are perfectly integrated with the local population; no problem has ever been signaled. Luis Durnwalder, president of the Bolzano province, is worried about the attack and has condemned it firmly.
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