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Alcohol in cola drinks


According to a new survey, promoted by the French institute “INC”, 10 out of 19 cola-based drinks contain small quantities of alcohol.

The survey analyzed 19 cola-based drinks; in 10 of them were found small quantities of alcohol. Some of these drinks are produced by famous brands. The quantity of alcohol found was less than 10mg per liter, corresponding to a 0,0001% of alcohol. In Europe, a drink is considered alcoholic if it contains more than 1,2/1000 of alcohol. The quantity of sugar contained in the cola-based drinks is also alarming. The Coca-Cola spokeperson underlines that alcohol isn’t included in the drink ingredients and it doesn’t even develops during the productive process. But it’s possible that there’s very little alcohol in some ingredients or aromas, thanks to which fruit juices are produced.
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